Tracey S. Bernstein, Esq

Yet, time and time again employees place too much trust in Human Resource (“HR”) personnel only to learn at a later time that it was a mistake to do so.

When you have to deal with HR you must always keep in mind that its primary functions are to (a) acquire, utilize and dispose of employees (i.e., human resources) as cheaply and efficiently as possibly; and (b) to protect senior management from becoming involved in employee related disputes.  HR personnel accomplish their primary functions by creating the perception that they are there to protect the average employee.  By way of company handbooks and training sessions, HR personnel create the impression that they are there to help, that they are your friend and that you should come to them, and only them, when you have a problem.

What HR personnel really seek is information that can be used to both protect the company as well as to undermine you when it comes time to justify a corporate decision about the terms and conditions of your employment.