Tracey S. Bernstein, Esq


As part of their job search, analysts and traders often share their “track record” with prospective employers to establish their value.  However, such information is confidential and proprietary to your current and/or former employer.

The only exceptions are that the information is either publicly available, or can be compiled from public sources.  Absent these exceptions use of this information does create risk to both job and career.

While I am in no way advocating or advising that sharing your “track record” is appropriate, I also recognize that it happens.  Assuming you are willing to take the risk then you need to either (a) get an agreement from your employer when you first join that you may disclose your “track record” to future employers; or (b) leave no credible trace by sharing your track record only in a face to face meeting and leaving no copies with your prospective employer.  Above all, do not use email to send your “track record” to yourself or anyone else.