Tracey S. Bernstein, Esq


Sending emails at work is a time saving tool.  However, email has become so commonplace as a mode of communication in our society that people are losing there jobs because they forget it is a written record of your thoughts, feelings and actions.   First, and most obvious, don’t ever use your work email address for personal communications with the outside world.  More and more employers have strict policies against using email for personal reasons and the larger companies may even be monitoring your email, and likely your website usage, too.  There is no “right to privacy” with regard to your work email address or your work computer. Anything you use them for is open to inspection by the company.  Second, no matter how close a friend, how cool or hip you may think your boss, colleagues or work environments are, don’t ever use your email to send pornography, dirty jokes or other tactless or offensive emails. Third, email is highly susceptible to misunderstandings and miscommunication regardless of how man LOLs, ALL CAPS and smiley faces you use to express emotion.